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The Wood County Humane Society exists in order to bring about the best possible treatment and quality of life for all animals in Wood County.

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Welcome to the Meet Your Match® Program
WOOD COUNTY Bowling Green, Ohio Society

Knowing a bit about a dog before bringing him home can really help the
relationship last. How do we know this? The Meet Your Match® (MYM)
Canine-ality™ adoption program, the color coding method for matching
shelter dogs (ages six months and older) with adopters, is making it possible
for you to know a little about a dog’s behavior before deciding to make them a
part of your family. Finding the perfect pooch is a serious undertaking. That’s
why the ASPCA® developed the MYM program-to help match the colors of
your personality to your new friend’s Canine-ality™.
The Meet Your Match® program was designed by the ASPCA® to help
adopters find a pet that's just right for you and your household. It's like
Match.com®, but for people and pets. Cats and dogs receive color-coded
personality profiles during their behavioral testing and with interactions with
our staff and volunteers.

Every dog or cat has a Canine-ality™ or Feline-ality™, a unique profile much
like a personal ad you'd find in a newspaper or online.
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Every dog has a colorful canine-ality™. Every person has a colorful person-
ality. The Canine-ality™ adoption program, using the Canine-ality™
assessment and the Dog Adopter Survey, reveals both a dog’s and an
adopter’s true colors so that you can make a more informed choice about the
pooch you bring home.

The Canine-ality™ assessment takes some of the mystery out of the selection
process by evaluating a dog's friendliness and sociability, playfulness, energy
level and ability to focus, motivation (food, people, toys, internal motivations,
etc.), and “people manners”.
Once they've been assessed, dogs are given a color-either green, orange or
purple-that reveals where they stand in each of these areas.

That's where you come in! When you're ready to adopt, you can fill out the Dog
Adopter Survey. You can complete this fun one-pager in just a few minutes to
help find out which canine-alities get along best with your personality and
household. The survey is lighthearted and upbeat, and after taking it, you’ll find
out what color you are. Please bring it to the shelter for scoring and to be
matched with your new best friend!
Purple adopters are comfortable with canines who have a laid-back attitude
and prefer an easygoing lifestyle. Purple dogs can be classified as a couch
potato, a constant companion or a teacher's pet.

Orange adopters are a good fit with middle-of-the-road dogs who are
responsive and enjoy regular activity and interaction. An orange dog may be
a wallflower, a busy bee or a goofball.

Green adopters are most successful with pooches who like to be physically
and mentally engaged. Green dogs can either be the life of the party, a go-
getter or a free spirit.
Now you’re off to find your new companion. As you pass each furry face, you’ll
notice the dogs have color cards on their cages (Petfinder™ profiles also list
a dog's Canine-ality™ profile in case you're perusing online before you come
into WCHS). You don’t have to choose a dog whose color matches yours-love
at first sight does happen. But knowing the color lets you at least prepare for
the way your four-legged love will respond when he gets home.

Take the Dog Adopter Survey!

Are you are looking to find the cat of your dreams? When you take the Feline-
ality™ assessment, you’ll be asked to fill out a one-page Cat Adopter Survey-
19 questions about your lifestyle and how you envision your cat fitting in to this
lifestyle. Your results will tell you what your “color” is green, orange, or
purple. In a nutshell:
Purple adopters are perfect for kitties who need time and encouragement to
adjust to their new surroundings. Purple cats seek affection, are pretty quiet
and tend to stay out of trouble.™
Orange adopters are a good fit with the quintessential companion kitty.
Orange kitties put the good in “good company".

Green adopters are most successful with cats who quickly adapt to new
situations. Green cats are savvy, unflappable and adventurous.
But don’t worry if you’d rather mix-and-match-adopters are not required to
choose a cat with a particular Feline-ality™, and the assessment can prepare
you for your new love’s response to their new home and help them adjust.

Take the Cat Adopter Survey!