801 Van Camp Rd.
Bowling Green,
OH 43402

Phone: 419-352-7339
Fax: 419-352-2359
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Tues, Wed - 12-7pm
Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun -  12-5pm

The Wood County Humane Society exists in order to bring about the best possible treatment and quality of life for all animals in Wood County.

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Cat Adoption Information

Alternatives to De-clawing
How to Trim a Cats Claws
Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats
Litter Box Use
Your Cat Needs a Tag (or Micro-chip!)

Dog Adoption Information

Bringing Home a Shelter Dog
Choosing a Puppy
Dog Bite Prevention
Dog Walking 101
Handling on Leash Aggression
House Training Your New Canine
How to Trim a Dogs Nails 
"Leave It!"

License Your Dog
Moving with Your Canine
Managing a Multi-Dog Household
Puppy Handout
Selecting the Right Dog
Top 10 Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know
What to do with Your Chewing Puppy
All about Heart Worm Disease

Free-Roaming Cat Information

Deterring Cats from Yards and Gardens
Free-Roaming Cats
Helping Neighbors and Free-Roaming Cats Co-Exist
Safe Relocation of Free-Roaming Cats
TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Checklist

General Information

Cold Weather Animal Care
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
Local Veterinarians
Warm Weather Animal Care

Dogs Chasing Cats
Introducing Your Cat to a New Dog
Introducing Your Dog to a New Cat