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The Wood County Humane Society exists in order to bring about the best possible treatment and quality of life for all animals in Wood County.

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Do you often think to yourself "Oh, I wish I could take them all home, but can’t!”
What you can do, is visit them all regularly and help us find them a home!
Volunteering is an excellent alternative to adoption, and with most of the same
benefits of adoption, without taking the animal home. We don’t expect
everyone to adopt, but we really appreciate your help in finding them homes!
One of the best things about volunteering with Wood County Humane Society
is that just about everyone can do something to encourage shelter pet
adoption and humane animal care, whether that is in the shelter or out of the
shelter. View our volunteer opportunities here!
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Here are the steps to becoming a volunteer:

1) Register at our volunteer database, My Volunteer Page. Here, you are able
to create your username and password and complete your volunteer
application. To sign up to be an individual volunteer, click here and register
with My Volunteer. For group volunteering, please read the "Group
Volunteering" section below.
2) You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator for a phone or in-person

3) New volunteers will attend a mandatory scheduled volunteer orientation, in
which a tour of the shelter will be given.

4) If interested in volunteering with dogs, an additional dog handling training
session will be required.
5) Once training has concluded, you may begin scheduling yourself for shifts
by using the volunteer database My Volunteer Page.
6) When you come into the shelter for your volunteer shift, you will be able to
“clock in” at a designated computer using your My Volunteer Page username
and password. Once you complete your shift, you will then be able to “clock
7) Our volunteer database allows you to track all your hours! This helps us tally
how many hours have been donated to us both individually and as a whole at
the end of the year.
Tracking your hours is important to us! We use these totals to give awards at
the end of the year for outstanding service, submit information for taxes, and
apply for grants.
…And it’s that easy!  Thank you in advance for your interest in making a
difference in the life of a shelter animal.
Court Ordered Community Service

Do you need to fulfill court ordered community service? We are willing to help
you complete those hours. We do not accept charges of assault, theft, or
abuse, and you must be able to meet our in-shelter service requirements. We
have the right to refuse those who do not meet standards and dismiss anyone
due to poor conduct. Most community service hours are fulfilled in the
mornings from 8 am-12 pm. Please follow the same steps of becoming a
Join the Board!

If you really are interested in making a commitment to homeless animals in
Wood County, consider serving on our Board of Directors! We are looking for
local leaders who want to connect Wood County Humane Society’s mission
with the community and make a significant difference in the animals’ lives, but
also our neighborhoods. Our Board is comprised of the following committees:
Administration, Operations, Treasurer/Budget and Finance, Fundraising,
Grant Writing, Community Outreach, Building and Grounds, Volunteer
Coordination, Public Relations, Spay and Neuter Program Chair (SNIP),
Membership and Contributions. Each position is completely voluntary and
each board chair is elected at the annual meeting, but aspiring board
members are welcomed year round. We just ask that you commit to WCHS
on a regular basis for at least a year. For an application to be on the board,
please click here. Once filled out, please contact our Board Secretary for
more information.
Have a group that wants to volunteer together for a day, week, or month? We
would love to work with your group! Depending on the size of your group we
may be able to accommodate your service in the shelter, but if you have a
large group we may require your service to be completed outside of the
shelter. To discuss a project or for group suggestions and requirements,
please contact our Volunteer Coordinator with your group size, hour
requirements, skills, and plans.
If you are working on a class project, before you start, please contact our
Volunteer Coordinator so that we can work together, from the beginning, on
your project.
Group Volunteering